Next Step . . . Childhood Cancer

So . . . I cannot tell you how excited I am, and how blessed I feel that Shimmy is celebrating it’s 10th Anniversary!!!  I don’t know what I thought would happen when I decided to start this particular journey, but I don’t think I expected it to be a 10 year old event.  After the first *ahem* event (DFCC), Shimmy has had small, but steady growth.  And I think that’s about all any one can really hope for when they are hosting an event.

And now, California will at least get a small start this year . . . this time for sure!  What an amazing way to celebrate!

But I want to go in a different direction with the California event.  After talking with Mina, we decided that S2BF-Ca will be in support of childhood cancer.  As we do for S2BF-Co, we’re looking for an organization to donate to that offers some sort of direct financial support to the children/families in treatment.  Child Life is one thought.  Mina remembers when I had to leave before 7:00am when she was in for treatment, so that I could avoid having to pay for the overnight parking to stay with her.  And then I couldn’t come back up to visit her during the day, because that would have meant I had to pay for parking when I had to leave.

You learn to make things work when you don’t have the cash flow to just hand out.  Treatment for anyone with cancer is a whole body/soul experience.  Making sure that parents can afford to stay with their child is just as important as the chemo/radiation treatments that they are receiving.  Mentally, it is just as much a fight for Life as the physical.  We remember one little girl that was in Mina’s room that did nothing but cry.  We only saw her mother one time during the week Mina was in.  Her mother simply could not afford the parking . . . or gas to drive there (they lived up north above Sacramento) . . . I always wonder and think about that little girl.  Mina said she couldn’t imagine what she would have done if I hadn’t been there with her every night.  We want to make it easier on those that are struggling to be with their kids.

We’re really excited about this.  I think it will also help her heal just a little more.


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